Born 1959 in Piraeus. He combined studies in Economics and Painting. Since 1990 he has shown his work in 30 solo exhibitions in Greece, France, Germany and Cyprus, most recently at the Zoumboulakis Galleries. Has also participated in group exhibitions, including: Panhellinia 1987, Athina-Eikastika 1989, Art Athina 1994 & 1998, Art Jonction, Nice, France 1997, Linear, Ghent 2000, Art Paris 2004. His early work was abstract, shifting after 1990 to a predominantly representational anthropocentrism. His renderings of the human form, initially monumental, later became internalised – eventually, indeed, within the framework of an austere symbolic iconography. All his work is transfused with the same dreamy, fairy-tale, metaphorical atmosphere. Since 2000, an element of time has entered his work. The starting-points are more specific, and his paintings become a kind of private, interior diary. In Couple, from the MMCA collection, the artist has in some places given his work an almost plastic dimension, while in others his treatment is austerely two-dimensional. His alternations of style and elliptical use of language and symbolism heighten the sense of time, giving everyday events, fragmentally represented, sentimental qualities..

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